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Welcome to Alice40k,
We have a great collection of useful resources, most notable of which
our List Maker Spreadsheets. All of these services are provided free of charge
with no sign up required. Please, enjoy the website.

Become a club member today (Alice Springs, NT Australia):
We offer our members an enjoyable place to paint, play and talk about Warhammer
40k and Fantasy. We supply the tables, dice, templates and scenery.  We are open
almost every Saturday from 1pm-5pm. To find out more visit the Alice 40k Facebook group for regular updates on meetings and Tournaments.

Latest News: Last Update 17-11-11

All the List Makers have been completely unlocked and bundled into one single zip file. Also included is an updated version of the Necron's LM which Warfrog sent to me recently.

It's been fun going from making a dodgy Tau spreadsheet for myself, to basic calculators and List Makers for an entire community. Feel free to edit, share, and host the List Makers yourselves. I hope the community can make good use of them.

Until next time, Enjoy Alice40k!

No More Updates 16-10-11

I have decided to stop working on this site and will no longer be taking bug finds or fixing the calculators. It's been a fun little project while it's lasted, and I hope my spreadsheets have been of use to everyone. I am now focusing my time on studying an IT Degree with the goal to pursue a programming role in the Video Game industry.

As for the List Makers they will still be here, but many of them have small errors or missing entries. When I find the time I will unlock them all to release to the community, so that those interested may continue my work. In the meantime remember to check your list against your codex.

Lindsay - Alice40k

All List Makers Unlocked
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